Psychologist Counselling

Psychologist Counselling

Psychology is the study of the mind, how it works and how it influences behaviour. Psychologists assist people in learning to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health conditions.
Your physical, mental and emotional health are all intertwined. Chronic pain, illness, injury and family or personal challenges can all contribute to feelings of depression, anxiety, or discouragement.
Our Nolan Hill Gates Physiotherapy Psychologists have worked in a variety of settings, including chronic pain, work and personal injury (including motor vehicle accidents and insurance claims), depression, anxiety, addiction, family and other personal challenges and concerns.

What Does Therapy Require ?

Depending on the client's aims and problems, therapy takes on several forms. The therapist typically makes an effort to learn more about the nature of your difficulties and determine therapy goals during the first therapy session. The intake procedure may occasionally require more than one therapy session to be completed by the therapist.
Therapy enables people to carve out time from their hectic schedules to address issues that are getting in the way of their happiness and fulfilment. It may present a chance to manage stress in one's life, relationships, or at work.
People who benefit from therapy frequently include:

  • Want to overcome anxiety or depression or postpartum depression
  • Want a more fulfilling career or to solve difficulties with bosses or colleagues
  • Desire to stop struggling with addictions – to alcohol and drugs, or process addictions like work, sex or shopping
  • Want to create more intimate relationships – ones free from infidelity with a deeper sense of connection
  • Want to let go of hopelessness or apathy, who want to answer questions like ‘who am I?’ or ‘how did I get here?’
  • Want to sleep well and wake up restful and restored
  • Desire skills for relating with others better, to use their full capacity to think, feel and act to get what they want

Benifits of Counselling ?

  • A deeper sense of connection to others
  • A deeper sense of meaning in life and at work
  • Emotional regulation that allows for feelings to come and go as necessary
  • Clearer thinking and problem solving
  • Increased energy, vitality and optimism
  • A sense of competence in communication and feeling more at ease in relationships
  • A new set of positive beliefs about yourself and the world around you
  • Ease in taking action to get what you want
  • A renewed sense of purpose at work

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