Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy Service

Muscular, joint and nerve issues are addressed with the use of Physiotherapy treatment methods. They allow patients to regain mobility and normal function while also teaching them strategies for long-term problem management. To assist you in recovering from either acute or chronic injuries, our Physiotherapist employ a hands-on approach to treatment that draws on a wide range of physical abilities and in-depth understanding of exercise therapy.

Because of their in-depth education in injury mechanism pathology and rehabilitation, they can offer the most trustworthy and scientifically supported advice and care for musculoskeletal problems.

How a Physiotherapist Helps You ?

For soft tissue injuries including muscle and joint sprains and rips, Physiotherapy is quite useful. Additionally, it works wonders for nerve irritation or pinched nerves. Sports-related injuries at high speeds, overuse injuries from repetitive motion or postural stress, arthritis, biomechanical issues, or issues before or after surgery can all be potential causes of issues. One of the most important benefits our Physiotherapist provide is their capacity to detect the pathology and link it to the mechanism of damage. The injuries that Physiotherapist treat are numerous. The best course of treatment for you will be swiftly determined by our skilled Physiotherapist.

What to expect in your CONSULTATION?

You will receive a full evaluation during your appointment that takes into account your medical history, physical examination and biomechanical analysis. Your diagnosis and available treatments are thoroughly discussed to you after the assessment. A variety of physical modalities that have been shown to lessen pain and disability in your specific presentation are considered for your treatment. You will also receive guidance on how to manage your injury at work or at home to hasten your recovery and lower the chance of recurrence in addition to hands-on care and rehabilitation exercises. When dealing with musculoskeletal issues, our qualified therapist will assist you in getting the finest results possible together with the proper medical care.

Where Physiotherapy Treatment is effective ?

  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Peripheral nerve injuries and entrapments
  • Shoulder related disorders
  • Elbow related disorders
  • Wrist related disorders
  • Hand related disorders
  • Abdomen related disorders
  • Hip related disorders
  • Knee related disorders
  • Spine related disorders

What We Do ?

Our Physiotherapist take part in a regular continuing education program to ensure that they stay up to date on the most recent research and offer you the best possible care. Evidence-based and outcome-measured therapy is something that we are really passionate about. Physical measurements are regularly taken, re-evaluated and utilized to inform therapeutic choices during your course of therapy.